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You can get life insurance that has cash available for you to use while you are still alive. Yes, that is right while you are alive, you do not need to have your last day on earth, in order for your insurance plan to be useful. 

I will discuss the basics of life insurance called whole life. It builds cash value for you and has other living benefits as well.  If you are alive, but in a condition where you have a terminal illness, critical or chronic illness, you may be able to access some income to help you with your daily needs. 

All options may or may not be available, but you will need to speak to a licensed life insurance broker to assist you with this. I can help if you are located where I am licensed. I will expand the states that I am licensed in, based on the time you are reading this. You can contact me here, and we can discuss what is available to you. 

Watch this video and get a quick dose of whole life insurance and what it means. 

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